About Mooshka

Mooshka first opened her doors in a sidestreet in the Pijp Amsterdam, in 2016. My mission was to show that you can enjoy delicious wholesome plant-based soul food in a way that is easy accessible without compromising quality, flavour or the planet. My first priority was animal free products, and second was for the ingredients to be organic. Organic produce, locally sourced, Caribbean & African influenced animal-free home-style cooking & good music are at the core of our vision. At Mooshka food, ánd music for the soul come together. “There is soul food, soul music and soul love..”

– Sarah

Organic Vegan Food

An original recipe made with love

Soul Music Meets Soul Food

You are greeted with fitting music to a fitting meal

Vegan Food with Extra Love

Vegan food but with an African-Caribbean twist!