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Loaded nachos | 12

Organic Corn Tortilla chips topped with coconut based melted cheeze, taco spiced ‘beef’, refried beans, homemade guacamole, spicy tomato salsa, vegan sour cream & fresh hot peppers

Hummus & bread | 10

Mooshka’s house-made hummus, garnished with smoked paprika, fresh beets, dill & served with a toasted spelt pita, wild roasted agave carrots, toasted sunflower & pumpkin seeds

Soup of the day | 9

Hearty homemade soups. Served with a side of organic locally made vegan bread.
* Ask a member of our team for today’s special!


Bitterballs (5pcs) | 8

The Vegan version of the traditional Dutch snack, served with French Mustard. (Try them with one of our Dutch beers!)

Masala Croquettes (5pcs) | 8

Crispy croquetes filled with surinamese masala, served with our homemade chutney mayo

Mini Spring Rolls (7pcs) | 6

Crispy Vegan Vietnamese spring rolls served with a sweet chilli sauce

Crispy NoChicken Strips (7pcs) | 9

Vegan ‘chicken’ pieces served with BBQ sauce

Combo platter to share (12 pcs) | 16

A selection of our delicious snacks

Buffalo strips (7pcs) | 10

Vegan ‘chicken’ pieces covered in a spicy homemade sauce, served with a blue cheeze dip

Avocado Fries | 9

Battered avocado fries served with organic fresh tomato salsa or lime dip

Fries | 4

Sweet potato fries | 6


Comes with fries and a salad! * Sweet potato fries +2
Straight off the grill, all our burgers are served on a lightly toasted organic bun. White, brown or Gluten free bread – You Choose! Sautéed mushrooms, red onion, coconut-based melted cheeze and a freshly made organic salad of lettuce, tomato & cucumber

Middle Eastern Burger | 17

Our house-made herby chickpea burger with fresh guacamole, house-made tahini mayo, ketchup & a pickle
* Add our vegan Tzatziki for +1

Caribbean Burger | 17

Our OG burger from our humble beginnings! Homemade quinoa & bean patty with jerk mayo, BBQ sauce & a grilled pineapple slice

Mooshka’s BBQ Burger | 17

Unable to distinguish from the real thing! This burger comes with a pickle, mayo, ketchup and BBQ sauce

Shawarma Burger | 17

Plant based shawarma with ketchup and our signature homemade garlic sauce. Traditionally served with pita bread!


Injera | 18

A traditional Ethiopian/Eritrean dish with light fermented flatbread and 6 different stews: Tumtumo (spicy red lentil stew), Birsen Tsebhi (spicy brown lentil stew), Shiro tsebhi (chickpea stew), Alicha (masala veggie stew), Hamli (sautéed spinach) and eggplant stew (spicy)
* Served with salad

Buffalo Soldier | 15

Our Famous Buffalo strips in our spicy house-made sauce, served with our signature blue cheeze dip, seasoned fries & organic vegan coleslaw

Roti Masala | 15

The famous Surinamese dish with pumpkin, potatoes, carrots and yardlong beans cooked in a masala sauce served with a traditional roti plate

Kapsalon | 14.5

Mooshka’s vegan twist on the classic Dutch kapsalon. Crispy fries, topped with plant-based shawarma, melted cheeze, homemade garlic sauce, ketchup, organic mixed leaf salad, fresh onion, tomato, cucumber salsa, hot peppers & edible flowers

The Mooshka Salad bowl | 15

Organic mixed leaf salad with tomato, cucumber, red onion, sweetcorn, olives, sliced fresh avocado, plant-based ‘chicken’ topped with toasted seeds, lemon vinaigrette dressing & served with a side of organic sour-dough vegan bread

No Chicken & Waffles | 15

No Chicken & Waffles | 15 Our take on the Soul food Classic. Homemade banana waffles and fried vegan ‘chicken’ pieces, served with our organic vegan coleslaw, agave syrup & smokey BBQ sauce


Brownie | 6

Warm chocolate brownie, served with organic vanilla vegan rice ice cream

Red Velvet Cake | 7

A light fluffy red sponge cake, layered with plant based cream

Mooshka’s Raw Mango Cake | 5.5

Our homemade fresh mango & coconut cheesecake on a base of organic mixed nuts & sticky dates

Smoothies | 6

Upgrade: Almond milk + 1

Freshly prepared smoothies with biological fruits

Tropical Soul

Mango, pineapple and coconut

Blue Strawberry Twist

Blueberries, Strawberries and Banana

Morning Sunrise

Pineapple and strawberry

Bio Juices | 4.5

Ginger & Juice

Fresh Biological Orange Juice

Local Biological Apple Juice

Bio Juices | 6

Got me Twisted

Juicy Pineapple, tropical Sopropo and fresh Mint

Madam J

Orange, fresh Lime, warming Ginger and spicy Madame Jeanette pepper

Green Iron Punch

Refreshing Apple, fragrant Tayer Leaves, Ginger and Lemon


Apple, Paksoi, Beet, Cellery

Cold drinks

Stella Maris | 2.5

Stella Maris sparkling | 2.5

Homemade Ice Tea | 3

Fritz Cola | 3

Belvoir Ginger Beer | 3

Apple Juice | 3

Naturfrisk Bitterlemon | 3

Naturfrisk Ginger Ale | 3

YAYA Kombucha | 3.5

Captain Kombucha Ginger-Lemon | 3.5

Captain Kombucha Raspberry | 3.5

Kombucha Holy Ginger (no sugar) | 3.5

Kombucha Lovely Lemon (no sugar) | 3.5

Hot drinks

Fresh Ginger Tea | 3.8

Fresh Mint Tea | 3.8

Various Biological Coffee | from 3

Coffee, espresso, cappuccino, ristretto, macchiato, flat white etc

Henny Hot Toddy | 7.5

Hennessy, cinnamon, lemon and agave syrup

Mocktails | 6

Bob Marley 0.0%

Orange juice, Red fruit,Belvoir Ginger Beer, lime

Virgin Colada

0.0% Rum, Pineapple, Coconut, Cream & Lemon Juice

Alcoholic drinks


Glass | 4.5 – Bottle | 27

Verdejo – Bio

Chardonnay – Bio

Rosé – Bio

Merlot – Bio


Bottle only

Prosecco – Bio | 30

Moscato – Bio | 30

Bruno Michel Brut – Bio | 47


Heineken tap | 3

Heineken bottled | 3.5

De Leckere – Bio | 3.5

0% Heineken | 3

Corona | 5

Brand Weizen | 5

IPA | 5

Affligem Blond | 5


Liqueurs | 5.5

Almond Baileys (vegan, lactose free)


Tia Maria

Licor 43



Grey Goose Vodka | 7

Ciroq | 7

Absolut | 4.5


1689 Royal Heritage Gin | 7

1689 Queen Mary Pink Gin | 7

Monkey 47 | 8.5

Hendrick’s Gin | 6.5

Rum | 6

William George Rum

Havana Club Añejo Especial

Havana Club 3yrs


Olmeca Altos Plata | 6

Olmeca Altos Reposado | 7


Jameson | 5

Four Roses | 5.5

Chivas 12 | 6.5


Courvoisier | 6

Martell | 6

Hennessy | 6

Martell VS 6

Bio Jenever | 3

Young Jenever

Old Jenever


Blue Mooshito | 14

Grey Goose Vodka with fresh Mint, Lime juice, Blue Curacao liqueur, Cane sugar and topped with Lemon Kombucha

Margarita | 10

Tequila shaken with fresh Lime, Triple Sec

Mojito | 10.5

William George Rum, lime juice, sugar & mint

Vermouth & Tonic | 12.5

Spector White Vermouth, London Essence Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic and Orange

Blue Hawaiian | 14

William George Rum, Blue Curacao, Pineapple Juice, Coconut Cream, Maraschino Cherry

Strawberry Caipirinha | 11.5

Cachaça, muddled Strawberry & Lime churned with cane sugar

Dutch Mule | 11.5

1689 Royal Heritage Gin, Belvoir Ginger Beer, Angostura bitters, Ginger & Lime

Tropical Black Russian | 12

Grey Goose Vodka mixed with Tia Maria, Pineapple Syrup and garnished with Coconut Chocolate

Passion Fruit Vanilla Martini | 13.5

Sir Edmond Madagascar Vanilla Gin shaken with Passion Fruit Liqueur, Passion Fruit Syrup, Lime juice & Vegan Foam

Skinny Bitch Peach | 10.5

Ciroq mixed with London Essence White Peach & Jasmine soda, Cinnamon & Peach

William & Sparkling Grapefruit Soda | 10

William George Rum mixed with Grapefruit Soda, fresh Lime & Cinnamon stick

Dark & Stormy | 10

Havana Club Añejo Especial, Belvoir Ginger Beer, Ginger & Lime

Mixers | 9.5

Vodka & Kombucha

Grey Goose Vodka, Raspberry Kombucha, Lemon & Mint

Gin & Ginger

Sir Edmond Gin – London Essence Ginger Ale, Cinnamon & Grapefruit

Gin & Tonic

1689 Royal Heritage Gin, London Essence Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic, Pink peppercorn & Orange

Pink Gin & Peachy Soda

1689 Queen Mary Pink Gin, White Peach Jasmine Soda & Lemon

Cuba Libre

William George Rum, Fritz Cola and fresh Lime

Homemade Milkshakes

Vanilla ice ice Baby


Chocolat love


Strawberry Swing


Peace-tache & Love




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