project sendafa children

Support children from low-income families by eating at Mooshka

Heya, loves!
I recently went to Ethiopia and came face to face with the terrible situation for a lot of people of this country. The political and economic situation has created a lot of poverty. It broke my heart to see children of my own children’s age walking the street in search of anything they could find.

 I wanted to help where I can, so we contacted several organizations that supports young children and mothers. I am happy to say I found an organization that spoke right to my heart. 

The organization Ekklesia Academy has been running a project called The Sendafa Children. Over 460 children are supported by this project. The children receive two meals a day, clothes, shoes and an education. The mothers also receive training in which they become self-sufficient, by being able to produce food themselves and follow an education. 

We want to help these children and mothers. That is why guests at Mooshka will automatically support the project Sendafa Children from the organization Ekklesia Academy when they purchase their meal. 5% of every order goes to this charity. We hope you want to help these children as bad as I want to! 

~Love Sarah